At the end of the contest, you need to select finalist to go into your contest’s Final Round.

As you do this, you’ll see this dialog box:

When you check the box, and click Continue to the Final round, your contest will automatically deduct the contest prize from your account and hold it in escrow.


You’ve spent days sifting through sounds, giving feedback, and having sound creators tweak their sounds for you.

By now, you should have a good feel for whether the sound creators in your contest have what it takes to produce a sound you love.

So as you select those sound creators to take the Final round, we expect you’re pretty happy with the way things are heading, and feel confident that they’ll deliver.

Who cares?

The sound creators do. We’ve found that sound creators work harder for customers when they know the prize is paid for in advance.

They work harder, and you get a better sound.  Everyone’s happy.

What if I’m not confident?

If you’re not sure whether or not your contest’s sound creators will be able to create a sound you’ll love, contact us.

We’ll happily extend the contest, and help you give feedback that will help the sound creators give you what you want.


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