So you’re thinking about launching a Platinum Contest on Vinylmint and are curious about the service you’ll receive from your dedicated account manager?

Great! You came to the right page.

  • Shortly after launching your contest, you’ll receive an email from the account team to confirm that your Platinum contest is underway.
  • Early on in the contest we’ll reach out to you to discuss expectations and review your design brief. If you launch a contest on Saturday or Sunday, our first contact and brief review will most likely occur on Monday.
  • Your account manager will be available to answer questions via email or phone from 8am-8pm EST, Monday through Friday.
  • You’ll receive priority support above all other contests.
  • We will check the status of your contest daily.

Finally, we’ll reach out to you towards the end of the contest to check if you have any questions, and to see if you’d like any guidance in selecting your winning design.


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