Writing an on-point sound brief is the first key to success when running a design contest.  An effective brief gives designers everything they need to know to exceed your expectations.

At Vinylmint, we make it easy with our online brief.

It is important to clearly communicate your objectives and to share examples that give critical information to get the sound that you are looking for.

Just to recap, here’s what a good sound brief includes:

  • Your brand and business: A quick 2-3 sentence summary is perfect.
  • Target Audience: Here, you might say something like, “Both mean and women between the ages of 25 and 40 who are looking for vacation destinations.”
  • Values to communicate with your sound: What feelings and messages do you want the sound design or voice-overs to communicate to your viewer?
  • Stylistic preference, mood, tone: Whether you wan something artistic and bold or sophisticated and minimal, this is your chance to let the talent know.
  • Genre: Set on a particular genre. List them here.
  • Example images: Trust us, one of the best ways to inform and inspire your sound creators is to provide images of other sounds, voices or translations, that you like. A good way to do this is by posting YouTube videos that share your ideas clearly.
  • Anything else? If you have any special request or comments, add that info to the last part of the sound brief.

 You’re now ready to get a sound you love!


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