In choosing the creator you want to work with, think about how much experience you have briefing and working with musicians and voice actors, and how much feedback you’ll be able to give each one. The more you put into your contest brief, the more you’ll get out. Also ask yourself:

  • What level of sound quality and variety do you need? Contests with bigger prizes tend to attract better sound creators, and get more sounds.
  • How many sound creators do you want to compete in your contest? Sound creators can search for contests to enter using the budget amount in our contest feed. They tend to put more time and effort into contests with larger budgets.
  • What are other businesses typically offering as a budget for their contests?
  • How much support would you like from Vinylmint? If you’ve never worked with sound creators in the Vinylmint community before, allow a music supervisor from Vinylmint make your contest as successful as possible.

Generally, the more you pay:

  • the bigger the sound contest prize
  • the more sounds you’ll get to choose from the better the quality of sounds you’ll get.

Note that there is a price floor for sound purchases that is $149.


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