If you’d like to promote your contest to more sound creators, try these upgrades:

  • Make the contest interesting. Cool projects always attract sound creators.
  • Highlight the contest with bold fonts and a compelling contest feed image. This will make your contest stand out in the Vinylmint contest feed, where sound creators search for contests to enter.
  • Promote the contest by requesting that it is promoted via Vinylmint’s social media channels on Facebook, Craigslist, LinkedIn, and Twitter which has thousands of followers, many of whom are part of our designer community.

You can buy any of these upgrades when you’re starting your contest, or once your contest is running—just click on manage contest in the admin panel, or contact a customer support representative to assist you with your upgrades.

Other ways to attract more sound creators to your contest are to increase the prize offer.

Note that none of these upgrades can be reversed.


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