It is easy to set yourself up as a sound creator for Vinylmint.

First, create a profile.

The moment you complete your profile, you can get started competing in contests.  You should submit sounds to any of the contests that interest you

Category: Sound Creators

You will be paid after you complete the Sound Handover phase.

During the Sound Handover phase, you transfer the copyright for the sound to the contest holder, and the original source files.

Once you have done that, the contest holder will confirm they have received the final files, and we will credit the budget amount to your PayPal account.   You can then deposit this money into your own account or allow it to remain in PayPal.  This can take up to 21 business days (not including public holidays or weekends).

Category: Sound Creators

No. Audition entry is free.

Category: Sound Creators

Step 1: Click the Submit a sound button on the contest.

Step 2: Choose the sound you would like to enter into the contest.

Step 3: Agree to abide by our terms of submitting to the contest.

Step 4: Upload the entry to the contest.

That is all!  You have submitted your design to the contest.  Good Luck!

Category: Sound Creators

If you are selected as an audition winner, we will let you know by email.

If you are selected as a contest winner, we will let you know by email.

So, if you are a finalist, it means the customer is so impressed by your work that they want your creation, want you to make a couple edits, or want to poll your sound among your peers and their colleagues.

When a customer selects a winner that means that the contest budget money will be awarded to one winner.  The final round is crunch time. This is your chance to do your absolute best or solicit support for your idea.

You will want to listen to the customer’s feedback and but everything you can into meeting their needs.  By responding to their directions and discussing your sound with them, you will give yourself the best chance of providing the ideal sound to the contest holder.

In most contests, the final phase of the process typically last for 7 business days.  If you are a winner, make sure you are around to refine the sound and work with the customer during that time.


Category: Sound Creators

Creating a great sound is, of course, the best way to win a contest.

But understanding the sound brief, getting involved early, and working closely with the contest holder can greatly improve your chances of winning.

Category: Sound Creators

If you contact us we will sort out the problem as soon as we can.  We will also submit the file on your behalf and notify the client of this issue.  If we submit the file on your behalf, please note that this is automatic consent of the Terms of Use for Vinylmint.

Please note that Vinylmint is supported on Safari version 6 and higher, Internet Explorer version 9 and higher, Google Chrome version 33 and higher, and Firefox version 28 and higher. If you have a browser version later than these, you might need to update your browser version so our website and your computer can communicate properly.

Category: Sound Creators

No — Sound creators from all over the world compete in our contests.

You should make sure you can receive payments via PayPal before you start submitting your sounds.

Category: Sound Creators

The sound brief is a document that specifies exactly what a contest holder wants, down to the letter.

The sound brief is your guide to creating a sound the contest holder will love. Ultimately, putting you in a position to win the contest.

Category: Sound Creators

Start by clicking on the contests feed.

You will see all of the active contests —a list of open and closed contests, along with information about whether they are private or public

Once you find a contest that looks interesting, click on its title to see the full details.

Category: Sound Creators

A private contest will be noted in the sound brief.

Contest holders can upgrade their contests to be private if they are worried about competitors or others knowing what they’re working on.

Private Contests:

  • Are protected by a non-disclosure agreement (or NDA) that you must agree to in order to view the contest details
  • Cannot be indexed by search engines.

Sounds you submit to a private contest cannot be used in your individual portfolios and become assets available in Vinylmint’s marketplace.

Category: Sound Creators

You should report any contest that you see breaking the Vinylmint user guidelines.  This way, you can help keep Vinylmint a great community for both sound creators and contest holders.

These are the main problems we would like you to report to us:

  1. No winner chosen: Please report the contest if the contest holder did not select a winner.
  2. Wrong category: Sometimes contest holders need a little help knowing where their contest fits. Please let us know when a contest holder has gotten it wrong and we’ll fix it.
  3. Too many deliverables: This is not allowed, even if some sound creators are willing to complete more than one task for the contest. Please report under this topic, which is for all things handover related.
  4. Potential fraud: If anything about a contest strikes you as a little odd, let us know. It may be something in the brief, a comment on the contest, or maybe there’s something not right about the selected winner. Whatever it is, we will get to the bottom of it.

Remember, a Vinylmint team member will handle these issues privately. Please don’t post public comments about any of these problems – that will only to lead to damaged reputations and refunded contests.

To report a contest, head to our “Contact Us” page and send us a detailed note describing your dilemma.

Sit tight. We will get right on it within the next 24 hours!

Category: Sound Creators

If a contest holder believes a sound creator isn’t capable of producing the results they want, or isn’t a good fit for the contest, they can eliminate the sound creator. This removes that person from the contest altogether.

If you’re eliminated, you won’t be able to submit new sounds to the contest. But there are always more contests to enter at Vinylmint.

Category: Sound Creators

We recommend that you do not send any files to the contest holder until you have been declared the contest’s winner and are in the Sound Handover phase.

Category: Sound Creators

Unfortunately, we cannot force the contest holder to award you the prize. It is their contest and they can change their mind at any time in the 15 business days after the Final round ends.

During that time, they might ask colleagues for their opinions, show the sounds to their clients, and so on.

Do not take any promises made by contest holders too seriously. And do not take the fact that they wound up picking a different winner too personally. We have plenty of other contests for you to enter.

Category: Sound Creators

Once a contest has ended, the contest holder has 15 business days to choose a winner.

Sometimes, contest holders can have trouble choosing the winner. They may also need to present sounds to clients or other stakeholders for review. In these cases, they may ask us to extend the time they have to choose the winner.

If a sound is extended, we’ll make a note of the extension in the contest sound brief.

Try to be patient. If the contest holder’s having trouble choosing a winner, it usually means the contest entries were outstanding. Well done!

Category: Sound Creators


If you do not use our Sound Handover process, you have no guarantee that you will get paid for your work.

Also, the contest holder will not have a Sound Transfer Policy that shows they own the rights to your sound.

It’s best to use the process and tools we have set up here at Vinylmint to make sure everyone gets what they are entitled to.


Category: Sound Creators

Ah, that’s a trick question! All contests are paid up-front, then Vinylmint pays the winning sound creator.

So when you’re selected as the winning sound creator and have finished uploading the final design files (in the Sound handover stage), we’ll automatically credit your account with the prize money.

If, for some reason, a contest holder contacts you privately, remember that you are under no obligation to send final sound files without first receiving payment.

You do not need to accept a payment that is less than the listed budget.

Category: Sound Creators

You should report any contest holder who you see breaking the Vinylmint user guidelines. This way, you can help keep Vinylmint a great community for both sound creators and contest holders.

These are the main problems we would like you to report to us:

  1. Inappropriate content: If an inappropriate contest is posted, please let us know as soon as possible. We have a list of what we consider “inappropriate” but, in a nutshell, if you think anyone would find the contest offensive, please report it.
  2. Incorrect category: Sometimes contest holders need a little help knowing where their contest fits. Please let us know when a contest holder has gotten it wrong and we’ll fix it.
  3. More than one design task in a contest: This is not allowed, even if some sound creators are willing to complete more than one task for the contest. Please report these contests and we’ll work with the contest holder to create a fair and reasonable contest.
  4. Asking for services we don’t provide: If you see any contests asking for services we don’t provide (such as a web design services asking for development work), please report them — even if some sound creators are willing to provide the extra service.
  5. Unusual or suspicious activity: If anything about a contest strikes you as a little odd, let us know. It may be something in the sound brief, a comment on the contest, or maybe there’s something not right about the selected winner. Whatever it is, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Remember, Vinylmint will handle these issues privately. Please do not post public comments about any of these problems — that will only lead to damaged reputations and refunded contests.

To report a contest, simply click Contact Us and send us a brief message about your issue.

Category: Sound Creators

If you are the winning sound creator, here is what happens next:

  1. First, you will be asked to provide the finished sound files for the contest holder who held the contest.
  2. When you upload your work, please make sure you are uploading all of your sounds in the requested file formats.
  3. Next, you will need to sign the Sound Transfer Agreement. Please ensure that your name and address are correct. If you are signing the agreement on behalf of a company, you may enter the company’s name in the Full Name field.
  4. The contest holder then reviews the sound contest and can request small changes if they are needed.
  5. Once the contest holder is happy with the final files, they will approve the payment and the prize is credited to you. You can then request a payout.

Note: If the contest holder has not approved payment of the prize 15 business days after you upload the first deliverable, the budget will automatically be paid to you. This automatic payment release timer can be stopped on request by the contest holder if you are still working with them on revising the final sound.

Category: Sound Creators

Revised sounds cannot be submitted to a contest after it has ended.

Explain to the contest holder that they need to call Vinylmint customer support to reopen their contest.

If your sound was declared the winner, any extra work the client needs (beyond finishing small tweaks to that sound) will be conducted for free until the second revision, in which each additional revision will incur an additional revision fee.

Category: Sound Creators

The contest holder pays their budget money to Vinylmint before the contest is launched.

We will let the contest holder withhold the budget without good reason.

Category: Sound Creators

As a sound creator, the first steps in the Sound Handover stage are to send the final sound files and signing the Sound Transfer Agreement.

Once a contest holder accepts the final files, they will themselves sign the Sound Transfer Agreement and will release the budget payment.

Category: Sound Creators

A contest holder can declare as many winning sounds as they like.

More winners do not mean less of the budget amount for each one. Budgets are not split — each winner receives the full budget payout.

Category: Sound Creators

Contest holders must choose a winner within 15 business days of their contest end date.

If they do not, and they do not ask for a time extension, the contest will be locked

Category: Sound Creators

Yes. Sound creators will do some tweaking or minimal revisions for free for the first two revisions. Vinylmint will charge the contest holder $300 for the third revision and each additional revision that follows

Category: Sound Creators

It means there is a budget for that contest. If the client picks your sound, they are entitled to up to 2 revisions, and then once the Sound Handover is completed, we ask your permission to exchange the copyrights for the money.

You will be paid via PayPal.

Category: Sound Creators

We currently use PayPal.  Standard charges apply and payments are delivered within 21 business days.  Business days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays.

Category: Sound Creators

Vinylmint deals exclusively in US Dollars.

Category: Sound Creators


Creating multiple accounts is against our terms of use.

It not only dilutes your reputation and confuses other sound creators, it is also very confusing for our support team. We routinely detect and ban multiple accounts.

Category: Sound Creators

When you are prompted to verify your account at login, choose a social network (Facebook or Google) and sign in to your account.

Verifying your account with one of these networks is not the same as connecting it to Vinylmint. Verification is simply a security measure on our end — we will not use or share your information with anyone.

If you have any issues with verification, contact us.

Category: Sound Creators


Vinylmint is a professional marketplace. It’s important for us to confirm the identities of our users in order to maintain a trusted environment for conducting business.

We also need your real personal details so we can pay you quickly and securely.

Category: Sound Creators

No. Sound creators can only have one account, ever.

If your account is suspended or banned, it is because you violated our rules and have lost your privilege to participate in our community.

Category: Sound Creators

Whether you are a sound creator or a contest holder, head over to the register page.

The whole process takes less than a minute!

Category: Sound Creators

Submitting an entry to a contest is really simple:

  • Click on the green button to “Log in with Vinylmint “ or to “Sign up with Vinylmint” to submit your audio. You will then be prompted to upload audio to the contest.
  • Agree to abide by our sound creator guidelines
  • Submit your file to the “upload” button

That’s it! Your audio has now been submitted to the contest. Good luck!

Category: Sound Creators

After you send us the report, we contact the sound creator you reported.

We give them 36 hours to review the sound and decide whether they want to withdraw their work or challenge the report.

If the sound creator chooses to challenge the report, or does not respond to the report, the Vinylmint Community team will investigate, make a final decision and take appropriate action if a violation has been found.

We will email both yourself and the reported sound creator once a decision has been made.

Category: Sound Creators

If the report is accurate — because you either made a mistake or you didn’t understand the rules — you may withdraw your sound.

Also withdraw other, related sounds from the contest.

Sound creator who withdraws their sound, as well as all related sounds, will not be penalized. However, any indication of dishonesty (withdrawing a violating sound and re-submitting it, failing to withdraw all other related entries, or routinely withdrawing copyright infringing entries in the hopes of avoiding consequences) is grounds for suspension or ban from the site.

Category: Sound Creators

If you do not believe that your sound is a violation of our rules, you may challenge the report.

Please respond to the report and include a brief explanation of why you do not believe your sound is a copy.

At this point, the dispute will be reviewed by the Vinylmint Community team. If your sound is found to be a violation of our rules, your account may be suspended or banned.

Category: Sound Creators

While Vinylmint is open to all, there are some people who only want to cause trouble. Since we are dedicated to making sure our community is a great place to spend time, we reserve the right to refuse them service.

If you see behavior you think should be brought to our attention, please let us know. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive language
  • advertising or spam
  • designers or contest holders completing deals outside of Vinylmint
  • users having multiple accounts with Vinylmint
  • defamation.

Remember: starting arguments and making negative comments in the contest’s comment area damages everyone’s reputations. It also makes contest holders nervous, greatly increasing the likelihood that they will demand a refund for the contest.

If you see a problem, and we will handle it.

Category: Sound Creators

When you are reporting a sound please give us the following information:

  • a brief explanation of why the sound is a copy
  • the username of the alleged culprit
  • include a working link to the original sound
  • a screenshot of the contest you entered.
Category: Sound Creators

Vinylmint is a global community that brings together lots of different people. There are bound to be disagreements, but when we disagree, the most important thing is to treat each other with respect.

To help guide your participation in the Vinylmint community, we have assembled a simple code of conduct. Failure to respect the community and comply with the code will result in disciplinary action such as account suspension or termination.

  1. Respect all community members

That’s right – respect is rule #1! Negative, aggressive or offensive behavior in public or in private will not be tolerated. If you need to report a community member for inappropriate behavior please Report contest or Report sound creators by contacting us directly, or contact support using the

  1. Do original work

Copying another person’s IP in total or in part from other sources within or outside of the Vinylmint community will not be tolerated. You must disclose all the required information at the time of submission.

  1. Be honest and compete fairly

Do not misrepresent yourself or others in public or in private. Never attempt to influence the client by criticizing other sound creators or offering to do free work if they select your sound. You may enter into relationships with clients outside of Vinylmint; you may not use it as leverage to win a project.

I will not:

  • submit sounds that I copied in total or in part from someone/somewhere else
  • publicly criticize or attack sound creators, clients or Vinylmint staff
  • engage in fraud.

I will:

  • respect the community and the code of conduct
  • submit only original work
  • use the proper channels to report inappropriate behavior.

Guidelines updated March 26, 2017

Category: Sound Creators