Vinylmint is curated society of the best musicians, voice actors and translators in the world. Agencies like The Martin Agency and Fortune 500’s like Dupont have found the voiceovers and music custom to their needs in our global community of over 7,000 musicians and voice actors from over 20+ different countries around the world.

You post a brief for a soundscape requirement and sound designers and voice actors respond immediately with world-class compositions tailored to the buyer’s request.

On time, on budget, and saving you the hassle of searching. The best part about this service, is that you pay nothing until you hear something that you like.

Here are some of the reasons why our customers love running sound contests with Vinylmint:

  • Sound contests are ideal for clients who don’t already have a freelance or in-house music supervisor or production team. Contests allow clients to see work from, and work with, many different designers at once.
  • Sound contests let clients see finished designs custom-made for their company, rather than committing to work with a composer and voice actor based on their past work for other companies.
  • Sound contests are quick. The average contest lasts for one week, at the end of which time the client walks away with a custom sound that’s ready to use.
  • Sound contests are very cost-effective. The client chooses the contest prize they want to pay, and know that designers will create designs for that price – there’s no going over budget here!
  • Clients don’t pay for anything until you here something they like. After Vinylmint delivers you the submissions to choose from, if you don’t hear anything you like we shake hands and allow you to walk away.
  • If clients aren’t satisfied with the designs submitted to their contests, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

 See how it works for more information about our service.

Category: Sound Buyers

A sound contest is a competition between composers, voice actors, and translators to create the winning sound for a client’s sound brief.

Here on Vinylmint, clients are called contest holders.  A contest holder:

  1. Writes a sound brief
  2. Names the contest’s cash prize
  3. Starts their contest.

The contest has four stages and lasts anywhere between 7 and 14 days.

Subscribed Vinylmint sound creators from around the world see the contest listing in the contest feed.  They compete for the prize by submitting voice overs, translations, and musical creations that meet the brief.

The contest holder gives direction to the sound creators to help them improve on their sound through one round of competition and advancement to the revision process.

Finally, the contest holder picks a winner.  The winning sound creator receives the prize money, and the contest holder gets the sound files, and full copyright to the winning sound.

Category: Sound Buyers

That depends on how you handle your contest.

We provide a rough guide to how many sounds you’re likely to get as part of the launch process – just select a category, click Continue to Pricing, and you’ll see a rough guide to the number of entries you’re likely to see depending on whether you’re offering a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum prize amount.

But there are no guarantees about how many sounds you’ll get.  The number of sounds will depend a lot upon you.  Here are a few tips for increasing the number of entries in your sound contest:

  • Increase the prize amount you offer to the community for your sound brief
  • Provide a very clear brief
Category: Sound Buyers

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee prior to the release of the contest to the community.  You will be billed for $99 dollars if you choose to cancel the contest during its launch.

Not happy with the sounds you get? No worries!

We’re more than happy to help you re-write your brief, re-open your project to ensure you get a good result, and help you pick a winning sound.  Contact us – we’re here to help!

What happens to the sounds?

If you don’t find anything that you like, you aren’t legally entitled to use any of the sounds submitted to your contest.

Category: Sound Buyers

You can contact the support team by email by filling out the contact form.

We will get back to you within 36-hours.  If there is an urgent matter, please articulate this in your trouble ticket.  We are typically working around the clock and after business hours, so feel free to email us anytime.

Category: Sound Buyers

A contest consultation is an opportunity for you to speak with one of our account service team members about your brand, your business, and how great sound can help you.

Our consultants are experienced in working with the sound creators, and running sound contests, so they can answer any questions you might have about:

  • Vinylmint
  • Your sound project
  • Writing a sound brief
  • Working with sound creators
  • Getting the most out of a sound contest

To request a free, no-obligation contest consultation, please fill out the request form.  Be sure to include some information about your company and your design project, so we know what you have in mind.

One of our account service team members will give you a call about 1 business day after you submit your request.

Category: Sound Buyers

Maybe you created hip-hop music for clients in the past, only for them to change the genre of the music to country music at the last minute.  You could try your luck waiting for a matching contest on Vinylmint, but that would take a log time and searching.

With the Vinylmint Library Partnership, customer do the searching—and find you!  Here is more information about our library partnerships with Pond5, Getty Images Music, and the Unity 3D Asset Store.

Category: Sound Buyers

This is a question best answered by lawyers and this definitely isn’t an attempt to define copyright law where you live, but in a nutshell, copyright covers implementations, not ideas.

For example, if a voice actor uses a common style for a voice recording in a cartoon and it’s an obvious concept for the contest, other voice actors are free to use that concept.

However, if they use the original voice actor’s reading of a script for the cartoon is an exact copy of someone else’s voiceover, it’s a violation of that voice actor’s copyright.

It’s the same for music contests. No one can own copyright over the idea of an electric guitar rift in octave D. Therefore, you can’t make use of an octave D guitar rift in a music contest without modifying it in some way.

Category: Sound Buyers

On Vinylmint, sound creators agree to upload only original artwork, so each designer owns the rights to their design submissions.

This is true until the contest holder chooses one of the sounds as the contest’s winner.  Then, and only then, can the sound creators agree to transfer his or her rights to that particular sound to the contest holder.

The designer transfers their rights in the Sound Handover Stage, and once it’s done, the contest holder becomes owner of the rights to that sound.

If a designer creates several design concepts for one contest, but the contest only buys one of them, then all the unused sound concepts remain the property of the sound creator, unless they have opted in to the submit their sounds to the Vinylmint Library Partnership Program.  The contest holder can, of course, negotiate with the sound creator for the transfer of rights to more than one of their designs.

If the contest holder does not buy a sound creator’s work, it remains the property of the Sound designer.

Category: Sound Buyers

Writing an on-point sound brief is the first key to success when running a design contest.  An effective brief gives designers everything they need to know to exceed your expectations.

At Vinylmint, we make it easy with our online brief.

It is important to clearly communicate your objectives and to share examples that give critical information to get the sound that you are looking for.

Just to recap, here’s what a good sound brief includes:

  • Your brand and business: A quick 2-3 sentence summary is perfect.
  • Target Audience: Here, you might say something like, “Both mean and women between the ages of 25 and 40 who are looking for vacation destinations.”
  • Values to communicate with your sound: What feelings and messages do you want the sound design or voice-overs to communicate to your viewer?
  • Stylistic preference, mood, tone: Whether you wan something artistic and bold or sophisticated and minimal, this is your chance to let the talent know.
  • Genre: Set on a particular genre. List them here.
  • Example images: Trust us, one of the best ways to inform and inspire your sound creators is to provide images of other sounds, voices or translations, that you like. A good way to do this is by posting YouTube videos that share your ideas clearly.
  • Anything else? If you have any special request or comments, add that info to the last part of the sound brief.

 You’re now ready to get a sound you love!

Category: Sound Buyers

In choosing the creator you want to work with, think about how much experience you have briefing and working with musicians and voice actors, and how much feedback you’ll be able to give each one. The more you put into your contest brief, the more you’ll get out. Also ask yourself:

  • What level of sound quality and variety do you need? Contests with bigger prizes tend to attract better sound creators, and get more sounds.
  • How many sound creators do you want to compete in your contest? Sound creators can search for contests to enter using the budget amount in our contest feed. They tend to put more time and effort into contests with larger budgets.
  • What are other businesses typically offering as a budget for their contests?
  • How much support would you like from Vinylmint? If you’ve never worked with sound creators in the Vinylmint community before, allow a music supervisor from Vinylmint make your contest as successful as possible.

Generally, the more you pay:

  • the bigger the sound contest prize
  • the more sounds you’ll get to choose from the better the quality of sounds you’ll get.

Note that there is a price floor for sound purchases that is $149.

Category: Sound Buyers

You can name your own package price.  To do it, click on the link that reads “I want to create a custom package” which appears contest launch page.

The package amount that you enter will include our fee as well as the prize amount the winning sound creator.

The prize amount will increase as you add more money onto the package which will result in greater visibility with the sound creators in the contest feed.

As with all of our contests, you’ll also have the benefit of our 100% money-back guarantee in case the contest does not work out.

Category: Sound Buyers

No.  We know it’s tempting to run a single contest for your instrumental, vocals, and post-production overlays, but running a contest in more than one category would be a nightmare to manage – trust us!

So please: one sound task per contest.

If you’re not sure what’s considered appropriate to ask for in your contest, contact us via email!

Category: Sound Buyers

Yes, adult content is permitted on Vinylmint.  If we see it, we won’t take it down.

Vinylmint is a creative community made up of people of all ages and walks of life.  As a result, we act quickly when we see something people are likely to be offended by and celebrate all forms of audio.

Our Terms of Use specifically prohibit content which is”offensive, unlawful, harassing, libellos, defamatory, abusive, threathening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable.”

If you wouldn’t show it to your boss or your parents, don’t post it to Vinylmint!

Category: Sound Buyers

You can pay for your contest using:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Paypal

The currency you’ll be charged will be in American Dollars or USD.

Category: Sound Buyers

The key to a successful sound contest is to stay active.

  1. As you review sounds, think about updating your contest brief: It’s important to provide a very clear brief, so if sound creators interaction makes you think your brief needs updating, you can edit it through the Contest
  2. Guarantee the prize for your contest: The most talented sound creators in our community are much more likely to enter a contest which is guaranteed and offers an attractive prize.
  3. Invite sound creators to your contest: Another way to help increase the number of entries that you receive is to be proactive by inviting sound creators you know to participate in it.

Staying active, and responding to designers’ questions and design attempts, are the most important elements of a successful design contest.

Category: Sound Buyers

To get an extension during any period of your contest, please contact our support staff and we’ll be happy to assist you.

At this time we will also go over your contest details to ensure you’re receiving the best results possible so that we can assist in a quick turn around.

Category: Sound Buyers

To edit the title of your contest, simply click the manage contest link within the admin dashboard.

You can then fill in the field with a descriptive title that grabs the attention of the sound creators in our community.

Always preview the contest before it is ready to be posted to the community.

Take a look at the contest listings  to see how other contest holders have titled their contests – and work out how to make your title stand out.

Category: Sound Buyers

So you’re thinking about launching a Platinum Contest on Vinylmint and are curious about the service you’ll receive from your dedicated account manager?

Great! You came to the right page.

  • Shortly after launching your contest, you’ll receive an email from the account team to confirm that your Platinum contest is underway.
  • Early on in the contest we’ll reach out to you to discuss expectations and review your design brief. If you launch a contest on Saturday or Sunday, our first contact and brief review will most likely occur on Monday.
  • Your account manager will be available to answer questions via email or phone from 8am-8pm EST, Monday through Friday.
  • You’ll receive priority support above all other contests.
  • We will check the status of your contest daily.

Finally, we’ll reach out to you towards the end of the contest to check if you have any questions, and to see if you’d like any guidance in selecting your winning design.

Category: Sound Buyers

Of course!  You can edit your contest at any time.  Once your contest has received one or more entries, you won’t be able to reduce the prize money on offer (you can increase it anytime though!)  And, as you’d expect, you can’t edit a contest that’s ended.

Category: Sound Buyers

Yes!  Once you’ve started your contest, you can attach files to the brief.

  1. Return to the manage contest link within the admin dashboard and scroll down to the upload image section.
  2. Upload the embed code of the videos that you would like to use as examples.  You can also upload images that articulate the sound brief through pictures in the contest feed,  background images on the contest page, or contest graphic within the contest brief.
    1. Video and audio provide the best examples for the sounds you are looking for.
    2. Pictures help give the sound creator community inspiration.
  3. Upload your files here. Don’t forget to use the embed code
    1. Don’t forget to use the embed code for videos
  4. Choose a file to upload, and voila’ — it’s done!

Pictures help give the sound creator community inspiration.

Category: Sound Buyers

If you’d like to promote your contest to more sound creators, try these upgrades:

  • Make the contest interesting. Cool projects always attract sound creators.
  • Highlight the contest with bold fonts and a compelling contest feed image. This will make your contest stand out in the Vinylmint contest feed, where sound creators search for contests to enter.
  • Promote the contest by requesting that it is promoted via Vinylmint’s social media channels on Facebook, Craigslist, LinkedIn, and Twitter which has thousands of followers, many of whom are part of our designer community.

You can buy any of these upgrades when you’re starting your contest, or once your contest is running—just click on manage contest in the admin panel, or contact a customer support representative to assist you with your upgrades.

Other ways to attract more sound creators to your contest are to increase the prize offer.

Note that none of these upgrades can be reversed.

Category: Sound Buyers

As a contest holder, the onus is on you to take reasonable steps to check that the wining sound in your contest is original and won’t land you in hot water.  We recommend that you take the following steps in the latter stages of your contest:

  • Listen to the sound creators in your contest: They can be some of your best helpers in identifying copied or unoriginal designs.  They’re the design experts, after all!
  • Search for similar sounds: To confirm the originality of your top designs, it’s a good idea to use YouTube and Stock Sound Libraries for references.
  • Ask your talent if their work is original: It sounds simple, but sound creators may simply be unaware they are using elements which may require you to pay a license fee. Ask them whether they’re using any sound elements that carry licenses.  If they answer yes, remind them that pirated material will not be accepted and that they run the risk of being persecuted in a court of law.

We take copyright infringement very seriously here at Vinylmint, so if you discover that someone has stolen a sound creation, let us know and we’ll look into it ASAP.

Category: Sound Buyers

If you’re not getting entries to your design contest, ask yourself these questions.

  • Is my contest attractive to designers?

 Sound creators in our community are less likely to enter a contest which isn’t pay for in advance or offers only the minimum prize.  Consider increasing the prize on offer to attract more sound creators.

  • Am I giving lots of detailed feedback?

 Sound creators love feedback.  Your brief acts as a starting point, but your feedback is vital for sound creators to create a sound you love.  Once the contest has concluded, keep accurate notes, and feel free to share them with the top picks for the contest.

  • Have I waited long enough for submissions?

 The more complex your sound contest is, the longer you may have to wait for entries to start appearing.  Sound creators can start to create up simple drafts within a day, but complex orchestrations or extended reads may take at least a couple of days to start appearing.

If your requirements are complex, it’ll take sound creators longer to meet them.

  • Am I answering all questions which are being asked?

 Make sure you also answer questions by the account manager or by the sound creators participating in your contest promptly.

  • Are my contest title and brief clear and to the point?

Make sure that your contest title is clear and eye-catching.  Also check that your brief is clearly written, and that you’re asking for only one category of design.

Still having trouble getting sound creators to your contest?  Contact our support team – Contact our support team – we’re here to help!

Also check out our advice on how to run a successful design contest.

Category: Sound Buyers

At the end of the contest, you need to select finalist to go into your contest’s Final Round.

As you do this, you’ll see this dialog box:

When you check the box, and click Continue to the Final round, your contest will automatically deduct the contest prize from your account and hold it in escrow.


You’ve spent days sifting through sounds, giving feedback, and having sound creators tweak their sounds for you.

By now, you should have a good feel for whether the sound creators in your contest have what it takes to produce a sound you love.

So as you select those sound creators to take the Final round, we expect you’re pretty happy with the way things are heading, and feel confident that they’ll deliver.

Who cares?

The sound creators do. We’ve found that sound creators work harder for customers when they know the prize is paid for in advance.

They work harder, and you get a better sound.  Everyone’s happy.

What if I’m not confident?

If you’re not sure whether or not your contest’s sound creators will be able to create a sound you’ll love, contact us.

We’ll happily extend the contest, and help you give feedback that will help the sound creators give you what you want.

Category: Sound Buyers

For all sound categories except for scores, the contest will usually run for 7-14 days.  A customer can end a contest at any time by declaring a winner, but if they don’t, the contest will run in 3 stages:

  1. Qualifying round: The first 5 days of the contest are the qualifying round. During this stage, the contest is open to all sound creators, and listed on our contest listings page.. Sound creators submit sounds, and the contest holder gives them feedback about what they like, and what they don’t.  This is the sound creators chance to show off their skills, and the contest holder’s chance to see how responsive sound creators are to their feedback.
  2. Select finalists: At the end of the Qualifying round, the contest holder has up to 14 days to select a winner to move into the revision period of the contest. Once this step is complete, the contest will become guaranteed and the money will be moved into escrow, which means the contest holder will no longer be able to ask for a refund on it.
  3. Final round: The final round last for 3 days. During this period, the contest holder works closely with sound creators to help them revise the designs to perfection.
  4. Select winner: After the Final round ends, the contest holder can request up to 3 revisions for free. Thereafter, they must pay $150 for each additional revision.  Typically the revision period last up to 5 business days based on the timeline of the contest holder.  After the revision period concludes, the sound creator will submit their sounds for you to select a winner.

No timeline is the same for each contest or category for a particular sound.

Contest holders who need more time at any stage can contact our support team.

Category: Sound Buyers

The Qualifying round is the first stage of your contest, and it begins immediately after you pay for the contest. The Qualifying round lasts 7 days for all contests except website design.

During the Qualifying round, the contest is open to all sound creators who’d like to participate. They’ll find your contest by browsing through the contest listings.

It’s important that you log into your account and view your contest at least once per day during the Qualifying round, so you can give designers feedback on the designs they submit.

If you reach the end of the Qualifying round, and you’d like more time to accept entries from new designers, please contact our support team.

After the Qualifying round is complete, you will select finalists to move through to the Final round of your contest.

Category: Sound Buyers

The Final round is the second stage in your Vinylmint contest. It starts after you’ve selected the finalists in your contest.

The Final round gives you 3 days to work with your favorite sound creator, or finalists.

During this time, revisions and new sound concepts will continue to come in from your finalist. Your job is to provide detailed feedback to them so that you can work together to create a winning sound.

Once you’ve entered this round, your contest will be guaranteed, so you’ll no longer be able to ask for a refund.

At the end of the Final round, you’ll be asked to select a winner for your contest.

Category: Sound Buyers

Your finalists are the top-performing sound creators in your contest’s Qualifying round. You can select a finalist to take through to the Final round of your contest. Once you do this, your contest will be guaranteed and you will no longer be able to request a refund.

We’ll let you know when your contest’s Qualifying round ends. You’ll then have 4 days to select your finalists. If you don’t do this within 4 days, your contest will be put on hold. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Here’s how to choose your finalists:

  • To add a sound creator as a finalist, click on the sound that you want to purchase to notify a winner of the contest.

Once you’ve moved into the Final round, you can’t change your finalists!

  • Once you have finished selecting your finalist you will you may purchase the final sound or continue to the revision period.
  • Finally, you will be asked to confirm your finalists and agree to guarantee your contest at this point. This means that once you have completed this step, you will no longer be able to request a refund.

All of the sounds your finalist submitted in the Qualifying round will still be available to you in the Final round.

NOTE:  one thing you won’t be able to do is unselect a finalist, once the Final round has started.

Category: Sound Buyers

To declare a winner in your contest, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your admin panel by clicking on the Contest manager link, and go to the Finalist tab
  2. Scroll through the sound submissions and select the winner of the contest.
  3. Next, you’ll be asked to confirm that you wish to award that sound as the winner. Please ensure that you’ve selected the correct sound and then click Ok to confirm.

Keep in mind that when you’re choosing a winner, you’ll be able to request minor design revisions during the handover process.  You have 15 days after the contest has ended to declare a winner

Once you’ve declared a winner, your contest will enter the Sound Handover stage.

You can also award multiple winners if you like more than one design.

Category: Sound Buyers

Usually, yes. Sound creators typically provide minimal revisions for free and will be happy to do more detailed revisions. You get up to 2 revisions free. Each additional revision will be $50 per each revision.

Your best bet is to ask the sound creators directly if they can make your changes, or during the Sound Handover stage.

Note that sound creators aren’t obligated to make any changes to their winning sounds, so if you want to ensure your changes will be made, ask for them before you authorize the release of funds.

Category: Sound Buyers

Sound Handover is the stage where you and the sound creators sign the Sound Transfer Agreement and the sound transfers the files to you.

The Sound Handover process begins as soon as you’ve declared a winner in your contest.

  1. The first step is to sign the Sound Transfer Agreement. They agree to the Sound Transfer Agreement before they submit their creations to the contest.
  2. You’ll have 7 days to review the files, and request any other changes that you may need.
  3. After you’ve ensured that you have everything that you need, Vinylmint will release the funds to the contest finalist.
Category: Sound Buyers

If you’re running a sound contest, you should ask for a .wav and a .mp3 file.

Ask the sound creator to provide any of the files for the sounds they used in their submission, since sound licenses are usually non-transferrable. This will help to verify for copyright infringement.

Category: Sound Buyers

You have 15 days after your contest ends to pick a winner.

If you don’t your contest will be locked, and you’ll need to contact us to get it unlocked.

If your contest is now ready to release funds to the sound creator, the prize will be released to the sound creator when your contest has closed.

If for some reason you can’t select a winner within 15 days of the contest ending, you can have more time – just ask us.

Category: Sound Buyers

Yes, you can.

If you need more than 15 days to choose your contest’s winner, let us know.

State that you need a Contest time extension in the Subject link on the contact page so we can extend your contest quickly.

Category: Sound Buyers

If, at the end of your contest, you decide you’d like to take ownership of more than one of the submitted sounds, you can.

You’ll need to pay every winner in your contest the same prize amount.  Contact Vinylmint to find out how much you’ll pay to declare multiple winners in your contest.

You will receive the files and copyrights for each one of the sounds that you declare as winners.

To declare multiple winners, simply repeat the process of declaring a winner for each design you want to own.  So, after you’ve declared the first winner, go back to your Finalist section of the Manage contest admin panel and repeat the process for each extra winner.

We’ll prompt you to pay the extra prize money each time you award an extra winner.

Category: Sound Buyers

After your contest is complete, you can continue working with your winning sound creator, or any of your finalists, on other projects.

Vinylmint makes this easy by coordinating and scheduling future engagements with that talent and the invoicing for that talent.

Vinylmint’s account manager for your project will assist in the negotiation of the new project tasks and pricing with the sound creator.  We will also coordinate the invoicing for the project.

Category: Sound Buyers

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the designs your contest receives.

To ask for a refund, please email us directly. We need to verify your information in person, so we’ll need to speak with you to process your refund.

There are three exceptions for our money-back guarantee.

  1. We can’t refund a contest once you’ve chosen to release the contest into the community.
  2. You need to request your refund prior to releasing the contest into the community. Once submissions have been uploaded to your contest, we cannot cancel or delete the contest in action.
  3. We can’t refund your contest once you have chosen finalists and entered into the final round.
Category: Sound Buyers

You’ll sign the Sound Transfer Agreement in the Sound Handover stage.

  1. You will work with the account manager to begin the process of signing the Sound transfer agreement.
  2. Once you’ve both signed the agreement, you will receive a signed copy of the Sound Transfer Agreement.
  3. The files will then be uploaded and delivered to you as the next step in the Sound Handover.
Category: Sound Buyers

Once a winner has been chosen, both the designer and the contest holder will need to agree to the Sound Transfer Agreement.

You’ll both sign this document as part of the Sound Handover process

Category: Sound Buyers

No—they should send you the design using our Sound Handover process.

This process makes sure that everyone’s rights are properly transferred and protected.

It also ensures your design and its documentation are stored safely on our systems for your future reference.

Category: Sound Buyers

Sound creators are obligated to provide the first two tweaks and minimal revisions for free, but a $50 charge will be involved for each revision past the third revision.

Category: Sound Buyers

You should take the following steps to ensure a sound is based on 100% original work and doesn’t incorporate any infringed copyrights, or sounds available in the public domain:

  • First, ask the sound creator. Sound creators must declare any non-original work used, or risk account suspension.
  • You can also upload the image to YouTube to see if it is identified in the Content ID system.
  • If you’re running a contest, listen to the other submissions contributed to the contest – they’re the experts, and can often spot a plagiarized design in moments.
Category: Sound Buyers

Once your contest is finished, it enters the Select winner stage, which gives you 15 days to pick a winner.

We suggest you shortlist your favorite designs, and then check the following:

  • Originality of design

 We strongly recommend that you only award prizes to sounds based solely on original work. Original designs should not include sounds that have infringed on another persons copyrights.  Check with your finalist sound creator to verify:

  • the sound is 100% original and therefore won’t attract any further license fees, or
  • the rights to any non-original components of the sound are available to you. The specific costs and rights vary greatly, so it’s important to check this with the rights holder.
  • Quality and format

 Double-check that the format the sound creator will supply you with is what you expect.  If you’re unsure, check with your printer or web developer, or see What should I ask the winning sound provide for more details.

Having trouble picking a winner?

It can be hard to choose a winning design.  So why not get your friends and colleagues to help you?

Use our poll tool to invite your contacts to vote for their favorite designs in your contest.  It can make the job of choosing a winner much easier.

Category: Sound Buyers

Your password should be at least 8 characters long and contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Choosing a secure password is very, very important. If your account is compromised, a malicious user could pay out your hard-earned winnings to their own account, or award your contest’s prize money to whoever they like.

The following are our hints for picking a secure password:

  • Don’t use words or phrases.

Steer clear of words that you’re likely to find in a dictionary, as dictionaries are often used as the basis of hacking attempts.

  • Mix numbers, symbols and different cases.

If you limit your password to 6 lowercase letters, there are only 309 million possible passwords. This may sound like a lot, but a computer would be able to generate this complete list in a matter of seconds, and such lists often form an important part of password cracking programs.

By including uppercase letters, digits, and punctuation, this number grows to almost 690 billion — that’s more than 2,000 times more possibilities.

  • Pick a longer password.

The longer your password, the more difficult it is to guess. There are only 309 million possible 6-letter passwords (if you only use lowercase letters), but if you add an extra two letters to the password, you have 208 billion possibilities.

  • Make it memorable.

You still need to be able to remember your password. One way of remembering complex passwords is to come up with some kind of mnemonic — the password “Ia1o14c,MS” could be remembered as “I am 1 of 14 children, Mister Smith”.

Category: Sound Buyers

The Vinylmint Library Partnership Program works on a commission basis, with sound creators receiving anywhere from 50% to 70% of the sale when their sounds are purchased from our library partners.  Currently our library partners are Pond5, Getty Images Music, and the Unity 3D Asset Store.

New sound creators will start at 50% and will have opportunities to increase their commissions with placements in other libraries based on their experience and level of participation on the site.

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Sound Submission Policy

  • DO NOT submit sounds that you do not own or have downloaded from creative commons.

If you are going to use creative commons licensed content that is not for a sound contest you must:

  • DECLARE ALL sounds used at the time the sound was submitted.
  • CHECK THE LICENSE and be absolutely certain the sound can be legally used how the contest holder intends.

In general we recommend NOT using creative commons licensed content you submit to Vinylmint.  Please be VERY familiar with the rules around creative commons licenses – failure to follow the rules WILL result in your Vinylmint account will be suspended or possibly closed forever.

*Keep in mind that contest holders aren’t going to be happy if they are legally pursued over copyright issues arising from your work – and you’ll be liable for any costs and damages they incur!

Guidelines and policies Section

Guidelines and policies at Vinylmint

These are the official policies and guidelines for the Vinylmint community:

  • Designer Code of Conduct
  • Concept Originality Policy
  • Creative Commons Licenses Policy

Sound Creator Code of Conduct

Respect the Vinylmint community

Vinylmint is a large, global community that brings together lots of different people. There are bound to be disagreements, but when we disagree, the most important thing is to treat each other with respect.

To help guide your participation in the Vinylmint community, we have assembled a simple code of conduct. Failure to respect the community and comply with the code will result in disciplinary action such as account suspension or termination.

  1. Respect all community members

That’s right – respect is rule #1! Negative, aggressive or offensive behavior in public or in private will not be tolerated. If you need to report a community member for inappropriate behavior please Report contest or Report sound creators by contact us directly, or contact support using the contact form.

  1. Do original work

Copying another persons IP in total or in part from other sources within or outside of the Vinylmint community will not be tolerated. You must disclose all the required information at the time of submission.

Please see our Concept Originality Policy and our Copyright/IP Guidelines for more information.

  1. Be honest and compete fairly

Do not misrepresent yourself or others in public or in private. Never attempt to influence the client by criticizing other sound creators or offering to do free work if they select your sound. You may enter into relationships with clients outside of Vinylmint; you may not use it as leverage to win a project.

I will not:

  • submit sounds  that I copied in total or in part from someone/somewhere else
  • publicly criticize or attack designers, clients or Vinylmint staff
  • engage in fraud.

I will:

  • respect the community and the code of conduct
  • submit only original work
  • use the proper channels to report inappropriate behavior.

Guidelines updated July 13, 2014.

Concept Originality Policy

The basic tenets of the Vinylmint community are honesty, originality, and respect.

Do not copy other sound creators’ work.  Understand that some similarity is to be expected.

Obvious concepts are open to be developed by all designers, for example:

  • a voice over style for a training video
  • the arrangement of strings provided in an audio clip to be used in your production

However, sound creators must create their own unique implementations, and must not merely attempt to replicate the decisions made be other sound creators.

Any concept presented in the brief can be developed by all sound creators in the Vinylmint community.

Unique and original concepts must be respected and only developed by the sound creator that introduced them.

Should a dispute arise, please be polite and professional while the dispute is resolved.

Failure to follow the rules will result in your Vinylmint account being suspended or possibly closed forever.

Copyright/IP Guidelines

Vinylmint is here to help you buy and sell your sounds legally. So, as you’d expect, we’re committed to protecting sound creator’s intellectual property rights, and providing contest holders with sounds that they’re legally entitled to use.

We know you value copyright just as much as we do — after all, we’re talking about your rights! — so we’ve put together these guidelines to make sure we all know where we stand.

Reporting Infringements

If you spot a member who has used your content without your permission, please report by contacting us immediately.

You must not post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libelous content in a contest. Alleging an infringement of your copyright via a public comment in a contest discussion is defamation and will be dealt with appropriately. Please use the report system instead.

Vinylmint does not make judgments about what legally constitutes a “derivative work”. When we receive allegations of copying, our response is solely determined by whether the design is in violation of our site rules.

We’re hard at work on a reputation system that allows users to rate other users’ behavior, and originality will be a key component of that system. Keep an eye on the Vinylmint Blog for more on this.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (USA) and Copyright Act (Australia)

To file a takedown notice under the DMCA — an act that will result in the immediate removal of a contest or entry — you must hold the copyrights to the content in question. That’s the law.

The process is designed to make reporting these alleged infringements easy, while at the same time reducing the number of notices that are fraudulent, malicious, untrue, unsubstantiated or difficult to understand.

How will Vinylmint respond to these notices? That will depend on each case. We might remove or disable access to the material claimed to be the subject of infringing activity. We may suspend subscribers.

In any case, we’ll try to contact the owner of the affected contest or design so that they have a chance to make a counter-notification. When you agreed to the Vinylmint terms and conditions, you consented to your contact details being disclosed so the owner may contact you directly.

To file notice of an alleged infringement with Vinylmint, you’ll need to provide a written communication (by email—the address is on the form below—or regular post, mailing it to us at Suite 250, 259 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23510) that contains the information requested on the Alleged Infringement Notice provided for download below.

Keep in mind that you’ll be liable for damages, including costs and lawyers or attorneys fees, if you materially misrepresent that an activity is infringing your copyright.

Download the Copyright Infringement PDF

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