Art is inherently subversive. Throughout history, it has played a key role in every process of social change. And even though all artistic expressions share this trait, here we will


In the past two decades, Brazil has come a long way. Its spectacular economic growth rescued almost 30 million Brazilians from poverty. After all, you can’t spell BRICS without Brazil.

Nike and Colin Kaepernick: The Power of Cultural Moments

No one in America likes to sacrifice. Their idea of risk is creating a new business. Just as long as they stay out of the mainstream, never move back on

Louis C.K. and Earning Your Return After #MeToo

This is kind of hysterical. The pussy-grabber in chief rapes and pillages our nation and its relationships, yet a comedian is unable to pursue his career. Have we lost perspective?

Never Too Young To Put Up a Fight: The Argentine Pro-Choice Youth

As much as I like dystopian tales, this one will end happily. I bet you. The times when the elderly would sit and rant about ‘how astray the youth is’

France’s National Football Team and The Winning Ethnicity

Now that the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup has ended, there is a lot to discuss…and I’m not talking about soccer. If we are unable to appreciate soccer