Are you an expert voice actor, with an original voice?  Are you a musician with incredible songwriting ability?  I ask, because I come across hilarious and clever tweets on a daily basis.  This is a true talent and a very effective way of encouraging your fans, friends, and future followers to engage your brand or content.

I blog twice a week, which means that the majority of my original ideas reside in a deep and well-hidden place in my brain.  As a result, I rely heavily on my ability to research, so I can occasionally bring those ideas to the surface to resonate with you.

If you are like me and suffer from regular “Tweeter’s Block”, you really don’t have to go too far to find tweetable tidbits.  And I’m not talking about communicating your lunch plans to the world, or a response to some Twitter trolls comments about a pop culture fad, but rather about real content that matters to your audience and what they may really want to hear about.

These are 5 back-to-basic places to consider when looking for social conversations to hijack about:

  1. Twitter: I follow thousands of people who always have interesting things to tweet about.  Oftentimes, the links and information they share may also be useful or entertaining to others in my network.  Most people don’t mind if you share their tweets, especially when you give them the recognition they deserve.  “RT” and “Mentions”go a long way on Twitter. Indeed, it is among the best ways to show your appreciation for their content.
  2. Other social media platforms: I spend time on other social networks, especially Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  All you need is a link and verbiage to fit within the 140-character limits and boom!   You have a tweet.  Images and videos have become very popular on Twitter.  Uploading a picture into Twitter has never been easier.
  3. Curation sites: Sites such as, Feedly, and Prismatic are great for finding articles you like based on topic and/or author.  The sites also have sharing capabilities which makes the process even simpler.
  4. Reddit: Have a question?  Have an answer? Chances are you’ll be able to have success doing both on this site.  You’ll find information and discussions about anything there.
  5. Your Own Backyard: Wherever you are — your office, home, car, on vacation, and anywhere in between — there is always something going on!  Hopefully it’s funny and you will share it with me!

This is where we start for new ideas for social engagement.  How do you get ideas for your new social conversation strategies?