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There are a variety of projects that appear in the feed. Choose the ones that sound fun and interesting to you.

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Win a contest and you make money. If you don’t win the contest, opt into having your sounds distributed in our sound library program.

Here is what our community of sound creators has to say about Vinylmint

From Meetups to seminars to random office visits to our studio, we’re constantly looking for new ways to help our sound creators grow and develop. Nothing makes us happier than hearing the thoughts of our creators.

“Vinylmint is a musiciian’s aquarium for new sounds and interesting projects that swim around on the site. It’s a great way to stay sharp.”

Chad Hugo
Grammy-award winning music producer

“This is a great way for musicians to make money outside of touring and album sales”

Jeff Franca
Touring musician for Thievery Corporation

“In the competitive world of voiceovers where avery audition counts it’s good to know that Vinylmint appreciates my talent and is here to help me make money.”

Paul Cadeau
Broadcast Voice Actor

Are you a composer or voice actor?

This is one of easiest ways to make money on your music, forever. Submit your music to a placement contest, and earn income from your music through our library partners.