I’ve been reported. What can I do?

If you are reported for copying a sound, review our Sound Creator Code of Conduct, and Concept Originality Policy.

Now, you have two options: you can either withdraw your sound or challenge the report.

Withdrawing your sound

If the report is accurate — because you either made a mistake or you didn’t understand the rules — use the Withdraw design button to remove your design from the contest

Also withdraw other, related sounds from the contest.

Sound creators who withdraw their sound, as well as all related sounds, will not be penalized. However, any indication of dishonesty (withdrawing a violating sound and re-submitting it, failing to withdraw all other related entries, or routinely withdrawing copyright infringing entries in the hopes of avoiding consequences) is grounds for suspension or ban from the site.

Challenging the report

If you do not believe that your sound is a violation of our rules, you may challenge the report.

Please respond to the report, and include a brief explanation of why you do not believe your sound is a copy.

At this point, the dispute will be reviewed by the Vinylmint Community team. If your sound is found to be a violation of our rules, your account may be suspended or banned.