Managing your contest

How do I run a successful sound contest?

The key to a successful sound contest is to stay active.
1. As you review sounds, think about updating your contest brief:
It’s important to provide a very clear brief, so if sound creators interaction makes you think your brief needs updating…

Can I extend my sound contest?

To get an extension during any period of your contest, please contact our support staff and we’ll be happy to assist you. At this time we will also go over your contest details to ensure you’re receiving the best results possible so that we can assist in a quick turn around.

How do I edit the title, sound brief, or prize amount of my contest?

To edit the title of your contest, simply click the manage contest link within the admin dashboard.You can then fill in the field with a descriptive title that grabs the attention of the sound creators in our community. Always preview the contest before it is ready to be posted to the community…

What can I expect from my Platinum account manager?

So you’re thinking about launching a Platinum Contest on Vinylmint and are curious about the service you’ll receive from your dedicated account manager?
Great! You came to the right page.
– Shortly after launching your contest…

Can I change the details of my design contest at a later date?

Of course! You can edit your contest at any time. Once your contest has received one or more entries, you won’t be able to reduce the prize money on offer (you can increase it anytime though!) And, as you’d expect, you can’t edit a contest that’s ended.

Can I upload pictures or video examples to my contest brief?

Yes! Once you’ve started your contest, you can attach files to the brief.
1. Return to the manage contest link within the admin dashboard and scroll down to the upload image section.
2. Upload the embed code…

How can I get more attention for my contest?

If you’d like to promote your contest to more sound creators, try these upgrades:
– Make the contest interesting. Cool projects always attract sound creators.
– Highlight the contest with…

How will I know if any of the entries to my contest have infringed on an existing copyright?

As a contest holder, the onus is on you to take reasonable steps to check that the wining sound in your contest is original and won’t land you in hot water. We recommend that you take the following steps in the latter stages of your contest…

Why is my contest not getting any entries?

If you are not getting entries to your sound contest, ask yourself these questions:
– Is my contest attractive to designers?
Sound creators in our community are less likely to enter a contest that does not pay for it in advance or offers only the minimum prize. Consider…

Why does selecting finalists make my contest guaranteed?

At the end of the contest, you need to select finalist to go into your contest’s Final Round. As you do this, you’ll see this dialog box:
When you check the box, and click Continue to the Final round, your contest will automatically deduct the contest prize from your…