Launching a contest

How do I write a good design brief?

Writing an on-point sound brief is the first key to success when running a design contest. An effective brief gives designers everything they need to know to exceed your expectations.
At Vinylmint, we make it easy with our online brief

Which package should I choose for my contest?

At Vinylmint, you can choose a Silver, Gold, and Platinum package for your design contest.
– Which package is right for you?
In choosing your package, think about how much experience you have briefing and working with designers…

Can I choose how much I pay for a contest?

You can name your own package price. To do it, click on the link that reads “I want to create a custom package” which appears contest launch page. The package amount that you enter will include our fee as well as the prize amount the winning sound creator. The prize amount will increase as…

Can I run a contest for sounds in multiple categories?

No. We know it’s tempting to run a single contest for your instrumental, vocals, and post-production overlays, but running a contest in more than one category would be a nightmare to manage – trust us! So please: one sound task per contest. If you’re not sure what’s considered appropriate to ask for in your…

Can I run an adult contest on Vinylmint? Can I post ready-made adult Images for ideas?

Yes, adult content is permitted on Vinylmint. If we see it, we won’t take it down. Vinylmint is a creative community made up of people of all ages and walks of life. As a result, we act quickly when we see something people are likely to be offended by and celebrate all forms of audio.

How do I enter a sound into a contest?

Submitting an entry to a contest is really simple:
– Click on the green button to “Log in with Vinylmint “ or to “Sign up with Vinylmint” to submit your audio. You will then be prompted to upload audio to the contest.
– Enter a short description…