Working with contest holders

Why was I eliminated from a contest?

If a contest holder believes a sound creator isn’t capable of producing the results they want, or isn’t a good fit for the contest, they can eliminate the sound creator. This removes that person from the contest altogether. If you’re eliminated…

Can the contest holder ask for my sound files before the contest has ended?

They can, but you don’t have to say yes! We recommend that you don’t send any files to the contest holder until you’ve been declared the contest’s winner, and are in the Design handover stage

I was promised the prize, but it’s been awarded to someone else. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we can’t force the contest holder to award you the prize. It’s their contest and they can change their mind at any time in the 21 days after the Final round ends. During that time, they might ask friends for their opinions, show the designs to other people in their business…

Why is the contest holder taking so long to declare a winner?

Once a contest has ended, the contest holder has 21 days to choose a winner. Sometimes, contest holders can have trouble choosing the winner. They may also need to present designs to clients or other stakeholders for review. In these cases, they may ask us to extend the time they have to choose….

Should I email the contest holder my sound once I’m done?

No! If you don’t use our Sound handover stage process, you have no guarantee that you’ll get paid for your work. Also, the contest holder won’t have a Sound Transfer Agreement that shows they own the rights to your design. It’s best to use the process ….

What do I do if the contest holder doesn’t pay me?

Ah, that’s a trick question! All contests are paid up-front, then Vinylmint pays the winning sound creator. So when you’re selected as the winning sound creator and have finished uploading the final design files (in the Sound handover stage), we’ll automatically…

Why should I report a contest holder? How do I do it?

You should report any contest holder who you see breaking the Vinylmint user guidelines. This way, you can help keep Vinylmint a great community for both designers and contest holders. These are the main problems we’d like you to report to us…