Contest basics

How do I use a contest brief?

The contest brief is a document that specifies exactly what a contest holder wants, down to the letter. The contest brief is your guide to creating a sound the contest holder will love. Ultimately..

How do I find a contest that suits me?

Start by clicking Contest Feed tab on the menu bar of your profile page. You’ll see our marketplace—a list of open and closed contests, along with information about whether they’re private, blind, guaranteed, and so on. Once you find a contest…

What is a private contest?

A private contest will be noted in the contest brief and will only be shown to sound creators with a platinum classification. Contest holders can upgrade their contest to be private if they’re worried about competitors or others knowing what they’re working on…

What is a Platinum contest?

The Vinylmint community is full of talented designers. So we’ve created the Platinum sound creators program to provide contest holders with exclusive access to a pool of hand-picked sound creators….

When and how do I report a contest?

You should report any contest that you see breaking the Vinylmint user guidelines. This way, you can help keep Vinylmint a great community for both sound creators and contest holders….