After a contest ends

What is the design handover?

If you’re the winning sound creator, here’s what happens next…

The contest holder asked me for revisions but the contest has ended. What can I do?

Revised sounds can’t be submitted to a contest after it’s ended. Explain to the contest holder that they need to call Vinylmint customer support to reopen their contest. If your sound was declared the winner…

How do I know I’ll get paid after I transfer the copyright?

The contest holder pays their prize money to Vinylmint before the sound contest is launched. We won’t let the contest holder withhold the prize without good reason.

When do I sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement?

As a designer, the first steps in the contest Handover stage are to send the final design files, and signing the Sound Transfer Agreement. Once a Contest Holder accepts the final files, they will themselves sign the Design Transfer Agreement and will release the prize payment.

Can a contest holder award more than one winner?

A contest holder can declare as many winning sounds as they like — the more the merrier! More winners doesn’t mean less prize money for each one. Prizes aren’t split — each winner receives the full prize payout.

How many days does it take to choose a winner?

Contest holders must choose a winner within 21 days after their contest ends. If they don’t, and they don’t ask for a time extension, the contest will be locked, and the contest holder will need to contact us to get it unlocked and award their prize.

Am I obligated to do revisions once a contest is completed?

Not if you don’t want to. Most sound creators will do some tweaking or minimal revisions for free for the first 3 revisions. Vinylmint will charge the contest holder for the 4th revision for $50 for each additional revision. However, this isn’t a requirement…

What happens if a guaranteed contest is not awarded?

We contact guaranteed contest holders multiple times after their contests end to let them know they need to award a winner. If the guaranteed contest holder decides they don’t want to choose any of the sound creators as the winner, we’ll distribute their prize money evenly among the contest’s finalists. If there aren’t any finalists…