Choosing a winner and handover

How do I declare a winner?

To declare a winner in your contest, follow these steps:
1. Go to your admin panel by clicking on the Contest manager link, and go to the Finalist tab.
2. Scroll through the sound submissions and select the winner of the contest…

Can I ask for changes after I’ve picked a winner?

Usually, yes. Sound creators typically provide minimal revisions for free and will be happy to do more detailed revisions. You get up to 3 revisions free. The fourth and each additional revision will be $150 per each revision. Your best bet is to ask the sound creators directly if they can make your changes, or during the Sound Handover stage. …

What is the Sound Handover and how does it work?

Sound Handover is the stage where you and the sound creators sign the Sound Transfer Agreement and the sound transfers the files to you. The Sound Handover process begins as soon as you’ve declared a winner in your contest
1. The first step is to sign the Sound Transfer Agreement. They agree to the Sound Transfer Agreement before they submit their creations to the contest…

What should I ask the contest winner to provide?

If you’re running a sound contest, you should ask for a .wav and a .mp3 file. Ask the sound creator to provide any of the files for the sounds they used in their submission, since sound licenses are usually non-transferrable. This will help to verify for copyright infringement…

How long do I have to pick a winner?

You have 21 days after your contest ends to pick a winner. If you don’t your contest will be locked, and you’ll need to contact us to get it unlocked. If your contest is now ready to release funds to the sound creator, the prize will be released to the sound creator when your contest has closed…

Can I have more time to pick a winner?

Yes, you can. If you need more than 21 days to choose your contest’s winner, let us know. State that you need a Contest time extension in the Subject link on the contact page so we can extend your contest quickly…

Can I declare more than one winner?

If, at the end of your contest, you decide you’d like to take ownership of more than one of the submitted sounds, you can. You’ll need to pay every winner in your contest the same prize amount. Contact Vinylmint to find out how much you’ll pay to declare multiple winners in your contest.

How do I continue working with my winning sound creator after the contest?

After your contest is complete, you can continue working with your winning sound creator, or any of your finalists, on other projects. Vinylmint makes this easy by coordinating and scheduling future engagements with that talent and the invoicing for that talent…

How do I get a refund for my contest?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the designs your contest receives. To ask for a refund, please email us directly. We need to verify your information in person, so we’ll need to speak with you to process your refund…

How do I sign the Sound Transfer Agreement?

You’ll sign the Sound Transfer Agreement in the Sound Handover stage.
1. You will work with the account manager to begin the process of signing the Sound transfer agreement.
2. Once you’ve both signed the agreement, you will receive a signed copy of the Sound Transfer Agreement…

What does the Sound Transfer Agreement look like?

Once a winner has been chosen, both the designer and the contest holder will need to agree to the Sound Transfer Agreement. You’ll both sign this document as part of the Sound Handover process.

Can the sound creators send me the completed sounds via email?

No—they should send you the design using our Sound Handover process. This process makes sure that everyone’s rights are properly transferred and protected. It also ensures your design and its documentation are stored safely on our systems for your future reference.

Do I have to revise my sound during the Sound handover?

That’s up to you.
Most sound creators will provide the first three tweaks and minimal revisions for free, but $150 charge will be involved for each revision past the third revision.
However, this isn’t a requirement — it’s completely up to you.

How can I check that sound creators work is 100% original?

You should take the following steps to ensure a sound is based on 100% original work and doesn’t incorporate any infringed copyrights, or sounds available in the public domain:
First, ask the sound creator. Sound creators must declare any non-original work used, or risk account suspension.

How do I choose a winning sound?

Once your contest is finished, it enters the Select winner stage, which gives you 21 days to pick a winner. We suggest you shortlist your favorite designs, and then check the following:
Originality of design…