Check out how Speek used Vinylmint to help find the right voice for the launch of their teleconferencing tool.

Virginia Lee chose Vinylmint to help them find a modern, conversational, American female voice to assist in their mission to bringing audio conference calling into the 21st century.

The first thing Virginia did was create a brief to submit to the Vinylmint community called— Speek Voice Prompts.

Then she posted the contest into the community to audition the voice talent that would read brief. Virginia needed to find the right voice within 7 days on a tight budget.

Virginia received periodic updates during the contest about the submissions, and within 7 days had over 25 submissions to choose from when the contest concluded.

All submissions were central to a single place, and easy to listen to on the fly or in the office. Virginia could quickly choose the one that she wanted at the price point requested.

Once the voice actor, Ebony, was selected, the revision process took less than a day to return the appropriate tones, pronunciations, and technical nuances to implement the voice into Speek’s technology. Virginia loved that speed of delivery, the quality of the audio, and that the Vinylmint team was with her every step of the process if she had a question.

Fast forward a few months…

Virginia’s use of Vinylmint for their voice talent has helped Speek create a recognizable voice that warms customers up to the audio conference calling experience of their platform.


After 8 months, the audio file is still in use. Try Speek today and give it a listen.
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