Dupont Sustainable Solutions used Vinylmint to find the right voice for their Asbestos safety awareness video.

Hunter Thomas chose Vinylmint to help her find, a conversational confident voice to assist her in the creation of an engaging training video about the issues that could occur from improper asbestos management.

The first thing Hunter did was create a brief to submit to the Vinylmint community called — Asbestos: Do NOT Disturb

One of the coolest things Hunter did when using Vinylmint was adding it to her pre and post-production process. Hunter used Vinylmint like a freelance music supervisor to cast voice talent for her production.

Hunter received over 48 submissions within a tight 5-day period during the week of July 4th. The files were delivered to her via Google Drive and she was able to review the submissions at her leisure during the contest to give real-time feedback. She selected one for a reading that Sunday, and got her first reading completed that Monday.

After the shoot concluded, they matched the video with the voiceover. Hunter made a quick revision to meet her deadline for the following week. The process took less than 2 days to schedule a revision and execute the edit.

Let’s take a closer look…

Hunter also used Vinylmint to manage her timeline for the production and her budget for the talent. She maximized the value she received for her money spent on the voice talent and was given lots of variety to choose from.

Hunter, her team, and the account manager at Vinylmint worked together on the project. This allowed her to focus on the direction of the project, while her editor and Vinylmint focused on producing her desired outcome for the training video.

Once it all ended…

Hunter was pleased with audio file, and was able to properly pitch the production to her client the following week without stress.

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