Here’s how Coffitivity used Vinylmint to found coffee shop sounds from remote cities around Europe.

Ace Callwood used Vinylmint as the tool to discover new coffee shop sounds for the application from Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Rome Italy for less than the cost of a plane ticket, and without the need to leave Richmond, Virginia.

Ace started the project with no clue how he was going to get the audio. The first thing Ace did was create a brief to submit to the Vinylmint community called — Sound Recording of Coffee Shops.

The brief was then released to the community. The brief specified locations, the duration of the recordings, how to record the content, and the required delivery format. He needed the recording’s returned to him within 7 days.

Throughout the process, Ace had direct access to an account manager. The account manager assisted him with support matters and allowed Ace to check in on the progress of the contest.

Ace also added examples to the contest via a link to the Coffitivity website that allowed sound designers in the Vinylmint community to listen to the sounds that already existed within the app.

Fast forward to 7 days later…

“>Ace had over 20 submissions and a variety of coffee shop sounds to listen to from sound designers around the world who passed through the requested locations and recorded their visits to coffee shops. Within the submissions, Ace found the coffee shop recordings he was looking for to expand the Coffitivity sound library.

Remember, you only pay for the sounds that you like!
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